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Meet Mariana Ginsburg: new brazilian talent in Jewelry

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Mariana Ginsburg is an brazilian jewelry designer who has attracted attention in London and other countries. Forbes interviewed to Giusburg. They answered about her introduction to jewelry and fashion.

The beginning of Mariana Ginsburg

How did you get into the industry?

I never had any doubt of the course that I would choose in college, I just did not know yet that my true passion was the jewelry. I studied Fashion Design and during college I started working as a fashion producer in a newspaper, and later on in some fashion brands. When I finished college I went to London to specialize in Jewelry at Central Saint Martins, where I really discovered my love for jewelry. When I returned home, in Rio de Janeiro I started a goldsmith this is when I created my brand.

What was the first piece you designed?

The first piece I created was a silver earring with gold rose bath for my mother, which I gave her on Mother’s Day. She thanks me a lot.

Who are the supporters of your brand?

The people see our products through our e-shop. The pieces will be available this month at BEAMS store online and at the stores. Later this summer we will be sold in London and Canada too.

Her designs are simple: her pieces are made of sterling silver, and those that are gold, have 18k yellow gold bath. The only stone she use is the baroque pearl, she loves it, it’s a wonderful nature gem. In her first collections, she would do everything that was on her mind, put all my passions, like flowers and vintage items.

Now, Mariana Ginsburg considers work in baroque forms and modernist and abstract works, such as leading artists Jean Arp and Constantin Brâncuşi.

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